The Week of 28 July 2014



Good Evening…

Now that I am about finished with school, I find that I now have more time to spend here on the church website and update many things that need to be updated. You will see that the Men with the Master and the Women with the Master pages have been updated to correlate with future dates and where we are in the teachings. The Prayer page will be updated daily. If you have a prayer request, please email me and I will post it upon the page. I am also looking into getting Pastor’s Heck’s sermons uploaded, either by PDF format or audio. The thing with audio is that like all things, tends to cost money to get the space but I will be looking this week for other options of getting his sermons up for all to hear and possibly download. 

As this week starts, I pray to have this website and blog updated daily with new information and Biblical links. As many of you know, I am looking to follow in Justin’s footsteps and teach discernment and about the many cults that inhabit Tulsa and in the world. I will be posting links to Grace to You and other sites that are hearty in good ol reformed theology and sound teaching.

Lastly, as the next Sunday approaches, we will be saying goodbye to Justin and Kathy as they start their journey to Idaho. We will be having a brief teaching session followed by a lunch and fellowship with Justin and Kathy before they move.

Also, lets pray for Pastor Heck as tomorrow he heads into the heart of the Sith Empire as he will have a needle placed into his eye. Can’t be as bad as Han Solo…(Star Wars humor)



Well, that is it for now and I thank you for your patience and support as we get this Church website up and going. 

Thank You!

Stephen M

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