Looking Ahead



First, we appreciate all the patience and extra work all have done in the Flood of 2015 challenge. Mark Cole put the parking lot back in order and we are so grateful for his work! Secondly, the church blog will be updated on a regularly basis now, so for look for new information, articles and what is in the new here at Grace Community Church of Tulsa.

We have resumed our normal services on Sunday and this Tuesday (6.16.15) we will all meet at 6.30 pm, both men and the women together to work through the Book of Acts. So, please come and join us for our Tuesday night study.

The final three Sunday Worship times will examine the watershed issue of our times, The Sufficiency of Scripture: Does the Bible Claim to Be Sufficient for Salvation, Sanctification, and Ministry. or do we embrace Pragmatic models? Please join us next Sunday as Pastor Heck discuss’s this vitally important topic.

In July we begin a study of the Epistle to the Ephesians and shift our Book of Psalms study to Sunday Evenings.

Stay tuned as the Church Blog will be in the process of being updated, thank you for your patience!

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