From the Pastor…


Dear GCC,
What a wonderful day we enjoyed Sunday! I would guess it was the most attended Sunday morning and evening time we have ever had, with the exception of several special guest speakers. We are obviously in need to purchase some new chairs and arrange things so that we have plenty of seating. I have noticed a number of visitors are coming due to the website and GCC Facebook. So thanks whoever is keeping this updated! Many of the visitors from morning and evening told me they were planning to return and several couples even claimed they were making GCC their new church family. We will see.
This coming Sunday during our Sunday School we have a special even with Eleanor’s sister and her husband sharing about their ministry with Bibles and Literature in French. They will update us also on what is going on in France, bring some of their publications with them. So hope everyone can come for the Sunday School presentation.
Sunday evening the facility is being rented out for a wedding, so we will omit meeting then. We usually take several Sunday evenings off around the end of August, so that is fine. During Sunday morning worship time we examine 2 Thess. 2:1-12 dealing with “The Coming Man of Sin or Antichrist.” I am praising the Lord for how Sundayworked out for me personally, as sitting down during both sermons help me get through the day will little serious difficulty. Yes, I do feel strange sitting while preaching but guess that is what the Lord has for me these days. And yes, I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday to begin an effort to find out what this is and if anything can be done for it.
Our Mid-Week with the Master Men’s class is being retooled for our Fall Semester. As many of you know the working through the MacArthur/Mayhue systematic theology was an experiment as we didn’t know if it would be class friendly or not. Now we know – it is not. So not to kill the Men’s Study we will be changing the format, still using the text for private reading and reviewing that from week-to-week but enjoying video sermons by John MacArthur on the topic of study – that will lend an exceptional presentation and better means of class discussion after the watching. I think this will be far more dynamic than before, so men be encouraged.
Remember also to pray for Justin who is in transition with his radio ministry. Pray also for Don who begins preaching in Kenya. We will take up a love offering for the widows and orphans in Kenya, this Sunday AM.


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