The Puritans

In our 5 minutes of church history profiles at church, we have talking about the stalwarts of our faith. Our forefathers, whom God would use to bring the light of the Gospel to all men and women. We are great need of such men today. We highly recommend the reading of the Puritans. They’re writings swim in the depths in God’s word and through their writings we are able to see the love they had for Christ. We pray that the passion and zeal they had, would also bloom today amongst you at our church and others.

There is a film coming out this summer by Matthew Robinson and his crew over at Media Gratia, called simply, “The Puritans”. It is an insightful documentary that will explore the lives of the men and women known as the Puritans. Below you can find the link for the trailer. The film will be released this summer.


And it can be preordered through the website below:

Media Gratiae

We hope you find this insightful.


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