Comfort for Troubled Hearts

We want to bring comfort and encouragement to troubled hearts during the difficult season our world is going through. This is our attempt to bring a balanced and biblical view of these things and provide some links to resources for your consideration. To God be the Glory.


As a people we have turned away from God and His Holy Word. Plagues come to society because of the displeasure of God. Rather than having a National Day of Prayer we should be having Days of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer as this is what they used to be called. God does not answer the prayers of the wicked or those who are “hugging sin”. Why would God listen to any of our prayers if we are not turning from our wicked ways? “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”2 Chronicles 7:14 Look up the history of how the National Day of Prayer began. (Edited from notes taken during a Q&A with Pastor Doug on March 15, 2020).

“Every crisis has its own challenges and opportunities, and COVID-19 is no different. Some of us are tempted to dismiss the whole situation. For others, exaggeration and anxiety can swirl into an emotional epidemic more contagious than the virus itself. But surely Christian wisdom has a different DNA than either condescending dismissal or breathless hyperbole.” David Gundersen has an excellent article that is balanced and helpful. Christian Reflections on the COVID-19 Crisis

100 Things I am Thankful For by David Gundersen

John MacArthur addresses the COVID-19 concerns in his sermon from Sunday, March 15, 2020. (service starts at minute 23:15, sermons starts at minute 44:03) . John MacArthur – March 15, 2020

Youtube video of John MacArthur’s sermon from March 15, 2o2o The Promise of Peace in a Worried World.

The Bible tells us to expect difficult trials as part of the Christian life. You know that you should trust God when hard times come, but exactly how do you trust God when life seems to fall apart at the seams? This life-changing study from the book of Habakkuk will teach you how to move from trials to spiritual triumph–even if your circumstances don’t change. Don Green has given us 4 messages to help us to prepare for the difficult times. Trusting God in Trying Times

“No matter what you face today as you journey through this world with devils filled who threaten to undo you—you can walk with confidence that your God is big. ‘Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world’” (1 John 4:4). COVID 19: Lessons from Martin Luther

Who Does God Say That He Is?

Misconceptions about God abound. But they don’t have to. God has revealed His character in Scripture, illuminating the attributes that define Him. While we, being finite creatures, can never truly comprehend everything that God is, we should study what He Himself has said.

In this 16-part teaching series, The Attributes of God, Ligonier Teaching Fellow Dr. Steven Lawson articulates a biblical understanding of divine attributes and explores how a right understanding of God can affect every aspect of our lives.

All teaching series from Ligonier Ministries are now available to stream for FREE.


A number of people have asked Justin Peters Ministries to share his thoughts on the Coronavirus. He has broken this video into 5 main topics:

1. A Bit of Perspective
2. Is This a Judgment of God?
3. Did God Cause This?
4. Is Coronavirus a Test?
5. Is There Hope?


Justin Peter’s pleas to Kenneth Copeland: “Mr. Copeland, you claim that you will live until you are 120 years of age; a claim you base upon Genesis 6:3. I will show you a very recent video of you making this claim and will show you why you are profoundly wrong. Further, I will show you that you are profoundly lost. This is a direct plea from me to you. Please watch this, Mr. Copeland.”  Justin’s Direct Plea to Kenneth Copeland 

Viruses, Your Immune System, & the Glory of God

Sermons By Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones 

Five ways to help your kids worship through live-stream

Printable Sermons Notes for Kids:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Songs for Encouragement:

I Will Fear No More by The Afters

Is He Worthy by Andrew Peterson

Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

Turn Your Eyes by Sovereign Grace Music

He Will Hold Me Fast by The Gettys

His Mercy Is More by Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

Jesus, King of Angels by Fernando Ortega

Thank You for Everything by Jason Gray

I Will Wait for You (Psalm 130) by Shane & Shane

Creator God, Our Sovereign Lord by Douglas Bond, Gregory Wilber

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me by City A Light


A message from concerned physicians: Is it time to panic? NO!

CDC is a good website to get up to date information without the hype of the slanted media: CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION

These two websites were recommended as helpful websites for up to date information on COVID-19: OK State Department of Health   Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance

Oklahoma State coronavirus hotline will remain open 24-hours-a-day.  The hotline is 1-877-215-8336.