Men with the Master



Good Day! We are currently on a break will resume shortly. We will also give an update to what the mens study will be about here in the next few months with times. So stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Men with the Master

  1. Greetings, After listening to your sermons on Strange Fire, my evaluation of your ministry is your angry, jealous and bitter by what you say, but I know that may not be the truth. I attend in Gaithersburg ,MD Covenant Life Church and they are Reformers Charismatics are they not apart of your beliefs?
    Would it be true to refer you and your group as Cessationist? I get concerned when a denomination as yours, Reformer say you are the only ones with the truth,this is what I hear while you slam down every other church that does not agree with your interpretation ( Assemblies of God) being one. Help me here if you can,am I trying to get an understanding what you are trying to say and do. Thank You David

    1. Hello David,

      First and foremost, none within our congregation are angry or even bitter. The Strange Fire Conference by John MacArthur was not meant to seen as angry and neither can I say that it was. However, you as well should know that these gifts have been taken out of context and used for personal gain (ex: TBN, Kenneth Copeland and others like them). We are indeed Cessationist, but we do believe that God still conducts miracles and heals people by HIs sovereign will. We believe that the Apostolic sign gifts have ceased and are no longer in operation. Even the Apostle Paul mentioned they would come to cease. However, there are those that are cautious but open to them still in operation today ( such as Piper and Matt Chandler). And for the record, no one has “slammed” another church, not here within this congregation and not even John MacArthur. The problem is that we need to call out the fake ones for what they are and call out those by name that deceive, not slam as you say.

      If one thinks they need “signs and wonders” for people to get saved, then they are gravely mistaken. The Gospel has the power to save a person. If you read scripture and read the passages where the Lord did miracles, you will notice not all people believed, even eye witnessing the miracles. God is Sovereign and He heals and remains to do miracles this day by His will.

      Thank you for the question.


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