Our Pastor

Grace Community Church is blessed to have a full time Pastor, who is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary.

Chris 2019

Our Pastor is Chris Wiley. The Lord brought him to GCC in May of 2019. He graduated from TMS in 2008 with a Diploma of Theology. He has been in full time ministry since 1999. Pastor Chris has been married for 26 years to Hayley. The Lord has blessed them with five children and two daughters-in-law (Brayden and his wife, Wrylee; Isaiah and his wife, Allie Paige; Grace; Daniel; and Kate). The Lord has also graciously given them one granddaughter, Wyola Wallis.

Below is Pastor Chris’ personal testimony on saving faith in Christ Jesus.

“I had no religious affiliation growing up except to attend an occasional VBS in Southern Baptist Churches as my mother would take us children. I had no interest in church or the things of the Lord. By the time I was around twelve, I heard about the “youth” ministry at the First Baptist Church and the trips they got to go on. I was interested in that so I started attending. The youth pastor asked me if I would like to go to heaven as opposed to hell. I said heaven was the better choice and he agreed. I prayed a prayer, was baptized and then lived fourteen years under the delusion that I was saved. In 1998, I was at a “revival” meeting and understood by the preaching of the Word of God that I had not repented of my sins and trusted in Christ for salvation. The Holy Spirit weighed heavy on my heart and mind. The Lord gave to me the gift of salvation and fruits in keeping with repentance. Since then, the Lord has given me a love for my wife that grows all the time, many years of ministry experience, and the grand opportunity of seminary training at The Master’s Seminary. Praise God for His wonderful and matchless grace.”

*Our Founding Pastor was Douglas V. Heck. The Lord took him home on August 17, 2021. He taught his people to fear the Lord and walked in humility and love. He is loved and dearly missed.


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    1. Chris Wiley

      Yes, It is open to non-members of GCC as well. I am so sorry to have taken so long to see your comments. Thank you for reaching out.

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