Reformation 500 at GCC of Tulsa

500 Reform Event Poster

As October begins here, we like to invite you to Grace Community Church of Tulsa as well will take the month to look at the Reformation. Pastor Doug will be taking the month starting October 8th to preach and teach on the Life and Theology of Martin Luther. In Sunday School starting the 15th, we will look at the importance of Why We’re Protestant and examine Sola Fide (Faith Alone).

Also, Phil Johnson from Grace to You will be our Special Guest Speaker on October 15th and will be preaching Sunday morning at the main service. We like to invite you all out to hear but also remember what the Reformation is all about.

We look forward to having you here!

Den of Wolves Update



Good evening all…well, I am in the process of out putting the Q/A session with Justin Peters and Phil Johnson. It will be ready tomorrow morning sometime and uploaded to the Den of Wolves Youtube Channel. Those who paid to have a copy of the disc will be made shortly after and sent out. Thank you all for your patience, it is greatly appreciated.


Stephen M

A Good Night



We like to thank you all who showed up to hear Phil Johnson preach and then hear Justin Peters interview and converse with Phil tonight. We were truly edified by these two men and for their help in the making of the film, Den of Wolves. We look forward to the journey ahead for this production and look forward to sharing that journey with you all!


*The Phil Johnson sermon, “Strange Fire: One Year Later will be available for download and viewing next week. Thank you all for your support! We look forward to seeing you at Grace Community Church of Tulsa again sometime!



Phil Johnson Reminder



It is that time folks. Mr. Phil Johnson and Justin Peters will be with is tomorrow night at Grace Community Church of Tulsa. Tell your friends, tweet it, Facebook it, do what it takes. We would invite you to come early so you can grab a good chair. Service starts at 6.30 and will go to 8 or more. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


God Speed!



Strange Fire: One Year Later



Hello All…

Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You will be at GCC of Tulsa October 28th to speak on Strange Fire:One Year Later Update. The service starts at 6.30 pm, child care will be provided. Also with us will be Justin Peters who will have a Q/A session after the service with Phil Johnson. The service also commences the start of the upcoming documentary, Den of Wolves. The Film will focus on the Word of Faith Movement and how Tulsa became it’s home. So, please join us on October 28th.


Thank You