Women with the Master




A One-day Ladies’ Conference
with Susan J. Heck

Where: Grace Community Church of Tulsa in Broken Arrow, OK

When: March 5, 2021 —  9:30 am to 2:30 pm. 

As we consider the title, “Handling Your Heart’s Passions,” we must admit that because our affections are set on Christ, we must rid ourselves of the sinful passions of the old woman like “socially accepted sins” and ungodly sexual passions! All must be put off. Once we rid ourselves of these, we replace them with the passions of the new woman. So, we put off and put on.

Take in this one-day Conference as we consider rich truths like: what to wear in our inner woman and five commands for the new woman in Christ!

Please bring your lunch. Drinks and desserts will be provided.

There will be no cost for this mini-conference, but if you have been blessed by “With the Master” Ministries, feel free to donate.


*This event will NOT be live-streamed, but will air at a later date. 



The Ladies of Grace Community Church Invite you to:
A Ladies’ Study on 1 Peter—With the Master in the Fiery Furnace

Tuesday Nights from 7:00 pm—8:30 pm.

First Peter was written to a group of believers who were undergoing tremendous persecution during the time of Nero. It is a letter of great encouragement and hope for not only those who are going through suffering but for those who wish to deepen their commitment to Christ. One man said, “If one were to be shipwrecked on a desert island and allowed to have only one of the New Testament books, it should be 1 Peter.” Another says, “To this day 1 Peter is one of the easiest letters in the New Testament to read, for it has never lost its winsome appeal to the human heart.”

Nursery and Child Care Provided.

Grace Community Church is located at
19214 E. 91st St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

For more information, contact Susan Heck at 918-695-0831 or SusanJHeck@cox.net

Homework for each lesson can be found here

Susan Heck, and her husband Doug have been married since 1975. Susan has been involved in Women’s Ministries for about 38 years. This included teaching Bible Studies, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (www.gccoftulsa.wordpress.com).

Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (biblicalcounseling.com).  She is also the author of With the Master Bible study series for ladies, A Call to Discipleship, as well as Putting-Off Life Dominating Sin,  A Call to Scripture Memory and Assurance: Twenty Tests for God’s Children. Susan’s teaching ministry is an outgrowth of her memorization work on the Bible. She has personally memorized the entire New Testament with the exception of Luke, which she is currently memorizing.  She also has memorized one book of the Old Testament and several Psalms.  To God be the glory!

Susan Heck has two grown children, and seven grandchildren. Both children and their spouses are in full time ministry. Because of the enthusiastic ladies who attended the Bible Studies that Susan teaches, and because of the life changes, Susan has been invited to speak to a number of ladies groups, both nationally and internationally, on how they can launch a women’s ministry in their church, as well as other various subjects.

You can contact Susan Heck at SusanJHeck@cox.net or reach her at 918-695-0831. Susan is available for both speaking and counseling.


6 thoughts on “Women with the Master

  1. Marilyn Stucky

    I enjoyed your conference yesterday in Cambrigde so much yesterday.
    We can always learn something new no matter our age or how long we’ve been a
    believer. Looking forward to Feb. when you will be here in Pretty Prairie, Ks, at the
    First Mennonite Church.
    Blessings on you as you continue to study and memorize God’s Word.

    1. Chris Wiley

      Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement, Marilyn. We will make sure Susan sees your message. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Vickie Dornik

    Susan, again I thank you for this weekend in Prescott!!!! Again, I say I came because of you (no, not to beat you up!!!!), but to be blessed and convicted!!
    Pray you got to your sisters safely and will be praying for you and for her salvation!!!
    Blessings and thank you,
    Vickie Dornik. (Husband, ACBC)

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